Selenium (100μg)

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Selenium is an essential nutrient for maintaining optimal health. Through its influence on immune response, selenium plays a key role in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid diseases, and cognitive decline.

Fortified Immunity’s Selenium capsules contain a unique time-release ingredient to aid absorption and allow you to benefit from the maximum value of this nutrient.

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This supplement’s ingredients were carefully selected to be vegan-friendly, vegetarian-friendly, and GMO-free. It is a high dose, high absorption, two-month supply.


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  • Sufficient selenium intake is vital to maintaining optimal functioning of the immune system.
  • This essential mineral plays a key role in both initiating immunity and protecting the body against excessive immune responses.
  • Scientific research shows that taking selenium, through supplements or diet, helps protect the immune system against the natural progressive decline in immune function that occurs as we age.


  • Selenium functions as a dietary antioxidant by incorporating into selenoproteins that protect the integrity of membranes, maintain energy metabolism, and protect against DNA damage.
  • As selenium prevents the damage from occurring in the first place, it helps the body fight inflammation as the immune system receives fewer “unnecessary” signals.
  • This enables the immune system to fight more effectively by focussing on combatting dangerous pathogens and tumour cells.

Normal Thyroid Function

  • Selenium deficiency, of even a moderate level, has been linked to a decrease in thyroid function as selenium is incorporated into several enzymes which are involved in thyroid hormone metabolism.


Take 1 capsule daily, preferably with food or water, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Bulking Agent: Microcystalline Cellulose; Gelling Agent: Patented Complex of Xanthan Gum & Arabic Gum; Selenium (as L-Selleniummethionine).

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60 Capsules
Nutritional Information

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100 μg



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